Boonle’s VIP Arena is an invite-only program and provides a way for Clients to receive project responses from top-rated Students only. As a Student, you can apply to join our VIP program once you have achieved Level 10 status. Once accepted into the program, you’ll receive:

  • Quality leads from Clients that are looking for our best Students
  • A “Boonle Pro” badge on your profile
  • No Boonle fees

Get a head start and be one of the first to rank as a Boonle Pro. Here are some tips to help you get there:

Produce quality work 

This is the most important as it impacts the other factors that are taken into consideration when achieving higher levels within Boonle.

Receive appreciations

The more appreciations you receive from Clients, the better off you’ll be. Cllients can provide you appreciations after a project is completed.

High average tip value

As you complete projects and receive tips, Boonle will calculate an average tip amount on your profile. A higher average has a greater impact on leveling up.

We have yet to open the VIP area as Boonle is still new. However, If you’d like to join this elite group when we launch this arena, start producing quality work now.

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