Advice and answers from the Boonle Team

Refunds & disputes

While the vast majority of work done on Boonle goes smoothly for both parties, it’s inevitable that an occasional dispute arises.

In the event that a conflict arises, it’s best to contact us within 5 days of a project beginning, as student payouts are processed after the fifth day. The sooner contact is made with the Boonle Support team, the quicker we can resolve any issues. 

Before you file a dispute:

  • You should first try to work things out with the student
  • Understand that disputes are mainly based on a student becoming unresponsive
  • If you are refunded for a project, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the designs submitted to that project

To begin the dispute process:

  • Navigate to your Active Projects tab
  • Click View Project on the project that you are disputing
  • Click Flag Student (located on the right side of the screen)

After you have successfully flagged the student:

  • Email [email protected]clearly defining why you have flagged the student account and what exactly is being disputed. 

In all cases in which mediation is required, Boonle will carefully consider any information presented regarding the contested project, but we will primarily base the decision on the validity of all communication and not necessary on the perceived quality of work.